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Searching for your own Holy Grail when it comes to finding a Mercedes-Benz can feel like a fool's errand. Approach it incorrectly and your idealistic Mercedes-Benz vehicle will quickly turn it into an expensive nightmare. The entire process from model to condition selection can be overwhelming and time consuming especially for the inexperienced. 

With your vision and our years of Mercedes-Benz specific experience PARSIFAL CLASSIC can make the journey to ownership an enjoyable quest. Working together with our affiliated company, Black Forest, we fully inspect and provide advice on a specific vehicle prior to purchase. Sometimes what is a good fit for one individual is not for another. Our specialists appreciate that not everyone is looking for the same thing and through detailed discussions can help you to decide which route best fits your ambitions.


Let us provide the resources and information so you can make an informed decision that best reflects your budget, dreams and prospected use. 

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